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Climbing Areas

Map Overview of Climbing areas around Prince George, BCMap Overview of Climbing areas around Prince George, BC



All of the crags on RockClimbPG are within a 3 hour drive of Prince George. Click the links above to find more detailed information or see below for a quick summary.


Please be respectful of the climbing areas and clean up after yourself. Always use safe climbing practices and have fun!


Again, most of the information has been created by others and I am simply putting them all onto one website. Some of the information may be outdated but the pages will be updated as more information is gathered.


Thank you for all those who have developed these climbing crags and for those who have put out resources for us to use. 


If you have more information and would like to contribute to this website, please contact me here.


In Prince George

    Evening Rock

        Note: Access requires entering Rolling Mix Concrete Ltd. property

        Hike: 5-10 min

        Height: 4-12 meters

        Type: Tope Rope, Sport, Gear & Mix

        Climbs: 17   (5.6 - 5.10)


        Hike: 30-45min or 15min (bike) from parking lot near UNBC  OR

                  30-45min or 15min (bike) from Blue Cedars RV park and Campground

        Height: 8 meters

        Type: Top Rope, Sport

        Climbs: 4   (5.9 - 5.11)


Less than 1 hour from Prince George


        Distance from PG: 42km (~35 min drive)

        Hike: Varies on crags (5 steps to 10 min)

        Height: Varies; up to 15 meters

        Type: Boulders, Top Rope, Sport, Gear, & Mix

        Climbs: 25+ routes (5.6 - 5.12), 50+ boulder problems (V0 - V10)


        Distance from PG: 57km (~45 min drive)

        Hike: Steep 1.4km (~30min; time varies on fitness level)

        Height: 6 - 12 meters

        Type: Top Rope & Gear

        Climbs: 25+  (5.3 - 5.11)

   Upper Fraser

        Distance from PG: 70km (~1 hr drive)

        Hike: ~10 min; lots of bush wacking (trail overgrown)

        More info to come...


2 -3 Hours from Prince George

    Big Eddy

        Distance from PG: 165km (~2hr drive)

        Nearest Town: Fraser Lake, BC

        Hike: 20-30 min


        Type: Top Rope, Mix & Gear

        Climbs: 9 (range: 5.5 - 5.10+)


        Distance from PG: 255km (~3hr drive)

        Nearest Town: Williams Lake, BC

        Hike: minimal (1-5min)

        Height: 10 - 25 meters

        Type: Sport, Mix, Multipitch? & Gear?

        Climbs: 44+ (range: 5.7 - 5.12)


        Distance from PG: 280km (~3 hr drive)

        Nearest Town: Chetwynd, BC

        Hike: Minimal; 1 - 5min

        Height: ~20 meters

        Type: Sport, Mix, & Gear

        Climbs: 55+ (5.7 - 5.12+?)

    Mt. Pope

        Distance from PG: 170km (~ 2hr drive)

        Nearest Town: Fort St.James, BC

        Hike: 5 - 15min

        Height: 20 meters - 12 pitches

        Type: Sport, Mix, Gear & Multipitch

        Climbs: 40+ (5.5 - 5.12)