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An updated guide (2015) for climbs in the Willams Lake area can be found at Red Shreds in Williams Lake, BC.

Jordon G on Solstice (5.11a), Obsession WallJordon G on Solstice (5.11a), Obsession Wall


Distance from PG: 255km (~3hr drive)

Nearest Town: Williams Lake, BC

Hike: minimal (1-5min)

Height: 10 - 25 meters

Type: Sport, Mix, Multipitch? & Gear?

Climbs: 44+ (range: 5.7 - 5.12)

How to get here

 Note: This is an approximation of location, it is not the exact GPS point.

From Prince George:

1. Drive south on Hwy 97 to Williams Lake (~240km)

2. At the Hwy 20/97 junction continue straight through the lights onto Hwy 20

3. In about 4.1km turn right on Hodgson Rd.

4. In about 3.6 km turn right on a dirt road (see image A1 & A2)

5. From the dirt road set the odometer at 0 

6. Continue on gravel road for about 1.4 km and turn left (it will be past the second pond, see image B)

7. Continue on main dirt road, when odometer reads 3.7km curve left at fork.

8. The road will end at a grassy oepning the odometer will read about 6.3km, crag is on the left (image C).

Image A1:

Image A1: Right turn on gravel roadImage A1: Right turn on gravel road

Image A2:

Image A2: Beginning of gravel roadImage A2: Beginning of gravel road

                                                               Image B:

Image B: Turn left after second pondImage B: Turn left after second pond

Local Overview Map:

Local Overview MapLocal Overview Map